About Michaela

Michaela McGivern-about

I am a healer who helps curious and open-minded people experience more vitality, heart connection and spiritual awareness. As your partner, I witness and encourage you to go beyond your circumstances and your story, so you can enjoy a more authentic and happier life.

An intuitive, compassionate and highly trained healer with a myriad of modalities, I am able to perceive the seen and unseen aspects of the healing process, allowing me to unravel the complex elements of the healing puzzle.

I help you align with your greatest potential and illuminate your most brilliant self. Healing on all levels comes as your vital essence is revealed and old patterns are released. I love working together to help you expand into your greater wholeness and vitality — this is my passion.

For the past 40 years, I have dedicated my life to both traditional medicine and energy medicine. I have learned how to support, encourage and be present with people in the most challenging moments of life.

I have worked in hospitals as part of a medical team. As an Occupational Therapist, I helped people recover from neurological disorders, orthopedic surgeries, and complex medical conditions. Rehabilitating clients from the most traumatic life- changing events and, teaching them the fundamental skills of how to get out of bed, walk and take care of themselves again is the journey that I have walked with thousands.

Accepting individuals for where they are, and not letting the trauma define who they are, is crucial for people to go beyond the diagnosis and limiting beliefs and to find the inner strength to heal.

To complement my medical training, and satisfy my quest for grasping the deeper levels of healing, I became a student of Energy Medicine. I learned about flower essences, homeopathy and essential oils. I trained in medical intuitive readings, sound healing and shamanic healing. This included four years of shamanic study and practice with The Four Winds School and three years with The White Flame Institute.

Over the past few years I have become a certified Medicine Bag Carrier and Practitioner of CoreIndividuation™, taking my practice to the next level. I have come to appreciate the profound impact of working with Your Sacred Anatomy. With CoreIndividuation, it is possible to clear life patterns, karmic energy and trauma from Your Sacred Anatomy and create transformational life shifts. It is a remarkable and truly awe-inspiring modality that takes you to a higher vibrational level, where you experience yourself in a renewed and more expanded way.

I love working with people who are willing to take the deep dive in search of the jewels inside themselves. My best work is with those on a path of spiritual evolution, who are seeking dynamic health on all levels of being. I partner with you in healing body, mind and soul so that you can be all that you are intended to be.